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Process Optimization

IDAC Logic develops computer information technology and provides process optimization consulting services to the manufacturing process industry. Our innovative data-acquisition and diagnostic process information technology enables us to effectively troubleshoot and optimize automated production processes and identify key improvement opportunities.

We transform raw production process data into business intelligence

We have many years of hands-on manufacturing process experience, giving us a unique perspective in the development of process optimization and information systems. Our innovative computer technology tools overcome the inherent limitations typically found in OEM and off-the-shelf software packages.


- Optimize and performance-tune automated production processes
- Gain a competitive advantage
- Achieve operational excellence

We resolve & improve

- Troubleshoot and resolve problems
- Identify new improvement opportunities
- Make business decisions based on facts and data

Work better & faster

- Maximize uptime and production levels
- Reduce product variation and improve quality
- Reduce production costs and minimize waste

IDAC Logic provides technical services in the areas of manufacturing information systems development and production process optimization consulting. We specialize in wood-based panel production processes and have many years experience in the panelboard industry.

Technical Services
Manufacturing Information Systems Development and Consulting
PLC programming and troubleshooting
Manufacturing Information Systems consulting
Web-based HMI and SCADA
SQL-based reporting systems
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
PC-based data acquisition and control
Process Data Historians
Production reporting systems
Production Process Optimization Consulting
OSB Process Optimization 
Machine Center Downtime Tracking Systems 
Production Process Troubleshooting
About Us

Our innovative computer technology transforms production process data into business intelligence helping our manufacturing industry clients gain a competitive advantage and achieve operational excellence.

IDAC is short for Instrumentation, Data-Acquisition and Control.

We have more than 25 years of combined hands-on experience troubleshooting automated manufacturing processes and more than 10 years experience developing and using computer technology to optimize industrial automation and control systems.


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Process Information Technology

We develop innovative computer software that communicates with automated production processes and collects, communicates, stores and analyzes critical process variables. Our information technology transforms production process data into business intelligence.

We have many years of program development and troubleshooting experience. Our abilities include:

PLC ladder logic programming and troubleshooting, HMI/SCADA configuration, Data communications, VB.NET, SQL Databases, Web Development, Process Data Historians, Downtime and production reporting systems, PC-based data-acquisition and control.

We also develop web-based HMI/SCADA software, process information and reporting systems.

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