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OSB Strander optimization is an important factor in the achievement of operational excellence in the oriented strand board business. A lot of resources go into the harvest of the logs, transport to the mill, debarking, conditioning and conveying them up to this point in the process. Problems at the Strander can result in the costly production of excessive amounts of Strander fines that can then cause more process problems downstream.

OSB Ring Strander Knife Packs

When a high percentage of strander fines are generated, fewer good quality strands are available for OSB panel production. Dryer emissions are higher and have to be filtered out downstream at a high energy cost. There is also an increased risk of dryer fires due to the over-drying of the small wood particles. Downstream, high fines contents have a negative effect on OSB panel structural properties unless resin addition rates are increased. Resin is usually the second-highest cost in OSB manufacturing, typically around 25% of total variable costs, so strander optimization and fines reduction have many great business benefits.

Chart of OSB Manufacturing Costs showing high Cost of Resin

There is a complex interaction between the cutting process variables impacting fines generation at the strander. Fines generation is related to wood species, wood quality and condition, the automatic control system, and settings such as knife angles, knife projection and cutting speed. We have a lot of experience in this area and can help optimize your strand production process.

Strander Fines Classification

Strander fines generation has a significant effect on the downstream OSB manufacturing process and needs to be minimized in order for an oriented strand board business to reach its full potential. We are focusing on the development of innovative on-line computer technology that automatically measures and optimizes strand production levels and quality.

OSB Strander Infeed

We can help troubleshoot and optimize your OSB stranding process, reduce fines generation, improve wood recovery, improve panel quality and lower your manufacturing costs.

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