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In the oriented strand board (OSB) manufacturing business, fiber optimization is a critical part of achieving operational excellence. Wood is the highest cost ingredient for most mills, typically amounting to about one-third of total variable manufacturing costs. Availability of logs is declining and costs are increasing. For the long-term success of any mill, this valuable fiber resource needs to be managed well. We are developing innovative computer technology to help manage and optimize wood recovery.

OSB Manufacturing Process - Wood Cost Graph

There are many areas in the oriented strand board manufacturing process that have a critical impact on fiber recovery, such as wood species, log size, log quality, debarking, strander fines generation and screening. Downstream within the production process, there are other factors such as target panel densities, percent offgrade, panel weight variation, panel thickness variation and the amount of sanding all impact.

Log Size and Quality

We understand the oriented strand board process dynamics and synergies impacting wood recovery. We focus on the development of innovative computer technology for on-line measurement, analysis and optimization of all OSB manufacturing process variables. Good information is the key to making great business decisions.

OSB Panels

We can help troubleshoot and optimize your panel board manufacturing process, reduce product variation, lower raw material consumption and reduce overall manufacturing costs.

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