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IDAC Logic develops innovative process optimization technology used to improve product quality, process efficiency, production levels and productivity. We have patented or are patent pending with the following technologies.

OSB Patent

We were granted US patent 6,197,142 in Mar 2001, and Canadian Patent 2236629 in July 2003 for what we feel is the next step in the evolution of engineered wood products manufacturing, and specifically Oriented Strand Board (OSB). Using this technology, additional material is deposited in controlled, pre-determined intervals and locations during the mat forming process, resulting in higher-density reinforcement areas or "ribs" in the finished pressed OSB panels that allow their structural properties to be engineered as required.

Patent Drawing - Engineered Wood Panel Rib Reinforcement

Possible applications include reinforced flooring and roofing panels or stronger webstock for OSB I-beams. Since the reinforcement areas will have greater structural strength, it is also possible to use lower quality material as filler between the higher density areas. Existing production lines could be easily converted by adding "rib" formers, while the Press and other downstream equipment would not require modification.

Canada Patent 2236629  (Link to Canadian IntellectualProperty Office)

US patent 6,197,142   (Pdf document - 240 kB)

US patent 6,197,142   (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

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