OSB Mat Forming Variation Reduction

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Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Weight-Per-Area and Orientation Variability Reduction are key improvement areas in OSB Forming Line optimization and overall optimization of the OSB manufacturing process. Variation in mat formation results in finished panel density variation and inconsistent structural panel properties. OSB manufacturing costs can be significantly decreased by reducing density variability and lowering average density targets.

OSB Mat Formation

Formation is affected by many process variables such as strand geometry, wood species, furnish bulk density and moisture content. There are also many different mechanical and control adjustments possible, and modern forming lines use many separate PID loops for speed, bin level, wood flow and mat weight controls. Proper tuning of these PID control loops is critical to successful variability reduction.

OSB Forming Mat Weight-Per-Area 3-D Chart

We have many years experience problem-solving and reducing forming line variability. We develop innovative computer technology to monitor the forming line process variables and minimize mat weight-per-area variation. This is an important area we will continue to focus on in our research and development of oriented strand board process optimization technology.

OSB Panel Strand Orientation

The chart below shows the long-term effects of weight variability reduction on finshed oriented strand board bundle weights. A much narrower statistical distribution shows an overall reduction in average density while maintaining the same target weight. As a result, fewer light bundles are produced, meaning that less borderline product is shipped. Also, fewer over-weight bundles are then produced and shipped, resulting in significant savings of wood, resin and wax. Without this optimization, Operators need to run slightly above the target weights to avoid offgrade and questionable panel properties.

Statistical Analysis of OSB Bundle Weights before and after optimization

We troubleshoot and optimize production processes and help reduce process variation and manufacturing costs. We help reduce oriented strand board mat forming variation, and improve product quality, process efficiency, production levels and productivity. We can help optimize your OSB mat forming process and lower your manufacturing costs.

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