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This free on-line calculator performs a wide range of "what-if" wood-density related calculations including Imperial to Metric conversion. From 1x1 inch small wood samples to full size finished bundles up to 60 inches high, this calculator makes multi-variable analysis of wood density quick and simple.




Length  inch 2438.4  mm
Width  inch 1219.2  mm
Weight  lb 31.798  kg
Thickness  inch 18  mm
Density  lb/ft³ 592.664  kg/m³

Set the radio button to the desired unit, enter remaining known variables, and hit Enter. The imperial to metric conversions are read-only.

Click here for the Metric version of this calculator

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If wood-based panels such as OSB are your business, you know that panel density is one of the critical manufacturing process variables. Using this calculator, you can do a quick density analysis for product development or optimization.

You can calculate how high a bundle of OSB should be at a specific density or what a panel should weigh at a certain thickness and density. There are numerous applications for this tool in the wood-based panel industry.

Please report bugs, or send suggestions and comments to: mikew@idac-logic.com

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